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What is Epherome?

Epherome used to be a powerful launcher. Now it only supports basic game launching and account managing, but we will keep working on it so that it can become better in the future.

You can also have a try with the legacy versions, they're no longer supported but they're more feature-rich than the current version.


Epherome starts since the beginning of 2020. It's noticed that there is less third-party launchers for macOS and Linux Minecraft players to choose. The aim is to try to give Minecraft players on all platforms a new experience.

What Happened?

In the legacy version, the codebase was in a mess and even not maintainable. After years' stagnant on development, it became strenuous to refactor it to add new features.

Nowadays, it is reviving from our rewriting plan which started in 2024. Ephrome is now completely re-written, including the official website.

Renewed Versions

  • The version names of renewed versions start with 1.0.0.
  • In the package.json of our codebase, the name of renewed versions is epherome-beta.

Epherome Official Website