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Contributing Translations

Epherome has a internationalization system. You can modify the Display Language in the general settings of Epherome.


Codes about this system is in src/intl.

  • src/intl/index.ts is the core of this system.
  • src/intl/root.ts is the definition file of English (Worldwide) (en-ww), it also defines the type LanguageMessages.

Completing Existing Language

  • src/intl/{language-code}.ts is the language definition file. Just fill messages in it.

There are two kinds of i18n message, string and function.

If you don't know how to do, the best way is to see how src/intl/root.ts did it.

Creating a New Language

  • Create a new file src/intl/{language-code}.ts.
  • Write the following to the file:
export default {
  name: "{language-name}",
  code: "{language-code}",
  messages: {
    // ...

In the file above, language-name is the name of the language in the language itself. For example, the language-name of Greek is Ελληνικά, while the language-code of Greek is el-gr.

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